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How big is COVIDtown?

As of February 21, 2021, if the current US death toll of 497,403 comprised the population of a single county or municipal government, Covidtown would rank 158th (of 38,779), larger than 99.59% of all US local governments.

#157: MORRIS COUNTY, NJ (population 499,693)

#158: COVIDTOWN, USA (current population 497,403)

#159: MESA, AZ (population 496,4016)

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Interesting note: because Covidtown is now larger than almost any city or town in the United States, ~75% of the remaining local governments are counties.

How big is the state of COVID-19?

As of February 21, 2021, if all confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States comprised a state of their own it would rank 3rd in size.

Larger: Texas (29,360,759)


Smaller: Florida (19,453,561)

What places did COVIDtown just pass?

U.S. cities & counties exceeded since last change in rankings:

Mesa, AZ (population 496,401)

Kansas City, MO (population 488,943)

Atlanta, GA (population 486,290)

Brookhaven, NY (population 486,170)

Lake County, IN (population 485,640)

Polk County, IA (population 481,830)

Clark County, WA (population 474,643)

Long Beach, CA (population 469,450)

Omaha, NE (population 466,893)

Onandaga County, NY (population 465,398)

Raleigh, NC (population 464,758)

Tulare County, CA (population 464,493)

Colorado Springs, CO (population 464,474)

Miami, FL (population 463,347)

Prince William County, VA (population 463,023)

Seminole County, FL (population 462,659)

Knox County, TN (population 461,860)

Washoe County, NV (population 460,587)

Ada County, ID (population 456,849)

Virginia Beach, VA (population 450,435)

Burlington County, NJ (population 448,596)

Santa Barbara County, CA (population 448,150)

York County, PA (population 446,078)

Solano County, CA (population 445,458)

Jefferson Parish, LA (population 439,036)

Monterey County, CA (population 437,907)

Lucas County, OH (population 430,887)

Pinal County, AZ (population 430,237)

Oakland, CA (population 425,195)

Cameron County, TX (population 423,725)

Minneapolis, MN (population 422,331)

Dakota County, MN (population 421,751)

Sarasota County, FL (population 419,119)

Berks County, PA (population 417,854)

Mobile County, AL (population 413,955)

Clackamas County, OR (population 412,672)

Richland County, SC (population 411,592)

Hillsborough County, NH (population 409,697)

Genesee County, MI (population 407,385)

Tulsa, OK (population 401,800)

Charleston County, SC (population 401,438)

Waukesha County, WI (population 400,621)

Which states have no cities larger than COVIDtown?

States with no remaining individual cities or counties larger than Covidtown:










North Dakota

Rhode Island

South Dakota


West Virginia


Where do you get your data?

Data sources:

Population of Covidtown: The New York Times' Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count site

Populations of comparison towns: US Census Bureau's 2017 Government Units Survey

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